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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Camping and Hunting

"Mommy likes to 'go hunting' with dad" Stuey said, and he put air quotes around "go hunting". Patrick and I looked at eachother and laughed.

"What do you mean, Stuey?" I asked.
"You like to spend time with daddy" He replied.

He was right on. How I'm enjoying getting out into the back country more with Patrick recently!

This morning Patrick and I returned from a camping-hunting trip in the back country. A friend, Sami watched the kids overnight. Yesterday evening Patrick and I headed up to the back country and set up the tent just in time for dinner.  On the menu was Cheddar Cheese biscuits with sausage gravy. It was our first time making this freeze dried meal and the flavor was delicious! Bless Patrick's heart for being up for the challenge of a new recipe. 

This morning we awoke at 6, made breakfast, packed up and were hiking by 7:15. At 9:30 Patrick shot a buck (a proxy buck for Jeanne P) and an hour later we hiked home. 

The uphills on the hike up were brutal for me. There wasn't too much of a trail at times and I'm just not conditioned for that type of hiking. At one point Patrick said, "We're just going to the top of that hill, Zoya". I looked up and replied, "Oh, you mean that mountain?" We laughed together. 

It was a perfect outing and I loved seeing new back country. Breathtaking views in the rising sun this morning. 


~The hike up~

Jalepeno and Cheddar cheese biscuits with Sausage gravy~freeze-dried meal from Packit Gourmet. Two thumbs up!

Patrick in the morning sunshine

Hiking up to camp. Lots of rest breaks from me. :)


Mr. Buck

Patrick and Mr. Buck

The stream we crossed

Mountains catching the  early morning sun

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