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Monday, September 14, 2015

Activities at Camp

Sawing yellow cedar for the woodstove

Here are some final pictures from Afognak documenting our Labor Day weekend trip.  Sawing wood for the stove, building play villages on the beach, cooking hotdogs over the campfire, wading in the ocean, kayaking and digging holes are just a few of the activities that preoccupied the kids.  Probably the most important of which was Stuey's 'Hole'.  Digging the hole with a stick kept him occupied and focused for a few critical hours on the last day when he was not particularly welcome inside the teepee - a form of 'Very Active Kid' medication.

A theme of the trip was Sriracha flavoring.  I bought a jar of Sriracha powder and used it to flavor various dishes.  Awesome stuff, and tastes just as good as the stuff in the bottle with the rooster on it.  Like the bottled stuff it also makes your breath bad, but oh so good.

The Sriracha powder came to the fore when I realized that I had left the mustard and ketchup in the refrigerator back at home.  So I improvised and toasted tortillas on rocks by the fire with baby bell cheese on them dusted with Sriracha powder.  And so was born the 'Sriracha dog'.  I also used Old Bay spice powder as flavoring when people (read kids) wanted something salty rather than spicy.

I also took the idea inside and made quesadillas on the woodstove with all the same ingredients except the hot dogs.  Sriracha and Old Bay are some good spice powders to have on hand for remote camping trips.

Our little village on the beach

Our little village operates with feathers as currency

Campfire on the beach

Cooking 'Sriracha dogs' over the campfire

Tortilla bakes on a rock with baby bell cheese and Sriracha powder - the makings of a 'Sriracha dog'

Wading in the ocean never gets old

This year I joined the kids for a short kayak trip - each in our own kayak

Stuey's hole killed a lot of time

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