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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Woody Island with Troop #118

Zodiac to shore from the Silver Fox

Geocaching! We took a 4 mile hike 

appetizer plate~knorr spincah dip with veggies and yogurt/nutella fruit dip

Good times by the fire

Jen, Erica and I

Headed back home on top of the Silver Fox

Patrick was shocked that I've been home from my girl scout camping trip for 4 hours without yet having posted to Facebook! ;-) I want to return to the days of prompt blog posts, so here it goes!

Erica Valentine and I took our scout troop to Woody Island for a one night camping trip.  There is a 100 acre chunk of State Park land on the North End of the Island that we camped on. Erica and I first dreamt of doing the trip 2 months ago and I'm so glad that it went smoothly! And the weather cooperated!

A fishing seiner brought the troop over, as well as, our friend Mike with a landing craft. I'm grateful to the families of the Scout Troop #118...they came together to really make the trip possible.

We set up camp, went for a 4 mile geocaching hike, returned to camp, made dinner in the campfire then bedtime. The time was filled with friendship, laughter and times trying new food and skills.  And we used the Dutch Oven to make Sprite Chicken! Yay! It came out delicious and was a favorite for the girls. It was a recipe that Erica and I found on Pintrest and the fact that there was a can of sprite in it made it a novelty for the troop. What gave it the amazing flavor was tons-o-bacon, cheese, onions and sprite.

The camping trip was a dream come true.

More stories to come....


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