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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alpine Hunt Scenics

Dawn a half hour or so out of camp

This past weekend Lisa, Gregg and I flew up to an alpine lake and camped out.  Deer hunting was the purpose of the trip, but the camping and gorgeous views were certainly worthwhile. And best of all, since we flew to the alpine we did not need to climb through a 1000 feet of Hellawe brush to get there.

Every day we got up well before dawn and were already high on the mountain sides when the sun came up.  This meant that every day we caught a glorious sunrise.  If it had been just a camping and hiking trip we probably would have slept in and missed the best part of each day.

Another good thing about hunting as opposed to hiking is that everyone is so much more alert and focused on the landscape.  Everyone is actively scanning for deer and other animals, and as you hike you interpret the landscape.  You ask yourself where will the deer want to be?  Where is the food and shelter?  What are they eating and where is the best browse?  Where are the does and fawns as opposed to the bucks hanging out?  While hunting you see much more deeply into the landscape - it is not the passive enjoyment of a hiking trip.

Blue bells on the mountain

Arnica - a flower favored by big bucks

Sunrise colors

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