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Saturday, August 29, 2015

In search of deer

Dawn Patrol

On our alpine deer hunt last weekend we did a lot of glassing for deer.  There were also deer everywhere.  So it wasn't very hard to find deer.  But the number of bucks did allow us to be very choosy.  We only harvested deer that met our criteria: 1) the deer needed to be big, 2) we preferred deer with convenient access back to camp, and 3) the timing of harvest needed to fit our schedule (no deer just before dark).

Knowing that we would get another chance if we passed on a deer is a comfortable feeling, and it allowed us to relax and simply watch deer.  We observed a fawn suckling a doe, numerous masticating  bucks in their beds, and lots of sparring bucks butting heads and antlers.  Some of the views through the scope were like a dramatic wildlife painting.  I remember one particular view seen from camp of 3 big bucks - one huge buck watching while the other 2 locked antlers. All blown up larger than life.

After a few days we started to 'pattern' particular groups of deer, and even came up with names for particularly distinctive bucks.  We learned where particular deer liked to graze in the morning and bed down in the evening.  Patrick

Glassing hillsides for deer

Out comes the scope when we wanted to check on a particular group of deer

I was scoping a BIG guy in this picture but he was a REALLY steep slope away from camp

Carrying meat back to camp - once back at camp we'd glass for deer in the afternoon

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