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Monday, August 17, 2015

Stuey had a good week

Team 'Jamaica' hoists the World Cup Trophy at the end of British Soccer Camp

Stuey had a good week.  His team at 'British Soccer Camp' won the World Cup, for the first time in his life he got to shoot a rifle, and today he caught 3 pink salmon - Not bad at all!

Last week Nora and Stuey attended soccer camp every morning, and their coach Josh stayed at our house.  To make Josh feel at home, every night we tried cooking up some sort of 'British' food - fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding and gravy (twice), and Josh taught us about dipping chips into a yellow curry sauce (click here for link).  The British 'curry chip sauce' was a winner and we will be whipping that one up a bunch as a dipping sauce in the future.

Josh, a Yorkshire man, serves himself some Yorkshire pudding

At soccer camp Josh divided the kids up into teams associated with various countries.  The kids had to learn particulars about their countries and draw the national flags.  Stuey was on team Jamaica while Nora was on team England.  Only Nora told me she was on team Italy, and so, with my help she reported to Josh that 'England' was 'once Rome'.  I guess that's sort of technically true.

Shooting the 'Hornet' is something that Stuey has wanted to do all summer.  But every time it was about to happen Stuey would have a 'not listening' episode, and you just can't let a kid shoot a rifle if he's not listening.  But, finally, on Thursday afternoon he got to go out to the rifle range and shoot the Hornet.  He was a good listener too.  That evening during dinner he stopped conversation to report, 'Everyone, I got to shoot the hornet'.

Stuey has caught pink salmon before (click here), but, in the past, he has always had problems reeling them in, and de-weeding, untangling his line.  Not so this time, he reeled them in on his own.  And while I did have to stop and untangle his line a few times, he mostly did it on his own.  Wow! he is well on his way to becoming a self-sufficient fisher dude.


Fish on!

Pink salmon - albiet with a watermark
Stuey shoots the Hornet

Not bad - he hit the target every time

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LindaY said...

Wow, sounds like a great week for Stuey! I'm glad to have seen his fishing rods, when you gave me a ride to the airport. I hope Nora has a fine birthday week.