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Monday, August 24, 2015

Kodiak Military History Museum with Scouts

On Sunday  my scout troop went to the Military History Museum in Fort Abercrombie. The museum in a WWII bunker and full of so many amazing military relics. 

The bulk of the troop had never been to the museum.  My co-leader and I  had the girls do a scavenger hunt where they wrote down in their books an item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. If they couldn't find an item, then something in the shape of the letter would work. It was fun to see what the girls noticed and used on their lists. 

A highlight was the military uniform dress up! The museum has a great rack of clothes which people can put on and THEN a jeep to get into! One by one, the girls took turns in the drivers seat. 

The trip counts towards completion of an Alaska Council girl scout patch we are working towards. Our troop decided to be a museum sponsor to help support it. I'm so glad the museum is part of our community. 


Playing dress up in the jeep

Barb Chase showing the troop the Miller Point Display

Nora in the drivers seat

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