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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gregg's Quick Deer

Negotiating the 'Hellawee' grass
Friday evening Gregg and I headed up into the mountains after work to harvest his road system deer.  It was very hot, and after negotiating a 1000 feet of 'hellawee' grass (as in 'where the Hell are we') we were both sweaty messes.  And then we could not find any water.  Last weekend with Lisa we each carried 10 pounds of water up the mountain and it turned out there was water right next to camp.  This time we expected to find water, and the stream was dry.  I guess last weekend we learned the wrong lesson. To find water we had to follow the stream into a steep ravine and then a good ways down to where there was enough flowing water to fill up.

Back at camp we set up the tarp tent and cooked dinner.  Outside the tent the black flies were awful, but they did not seem to like it under the tarp.  The sunset views from our little perch were spectacular.

We got up an hour and a half before dawn and cooked up coffee and instant mash potatoes with ham.  It slowly got brighter and brighter until there was enough light to see deer through the binoculars, and then we left camp.  There were deer everywhere.

We snuck up on a bachelor group and the biggest deer was just walking into the brush.  A small 3 point walked down the deer trail towards us - now that's a deer who wants to get harvested!  And so we had our deer, and after a relatively short hike out, we arrived home around 10:30 AM.  Patrick

Getting ready to cook dinner

Sunset view from camp

View from the tent 'window'

Up before dawn to cook breakfast

Coffee and mashed potatoes and ham for breakfast

On the prowl at dawn

The weather is changing

Gregg's buck

Meat on Gregg's new pack - time to head home!

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