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Saturday, August 15, 2015

10th Birthday!

White daisies in glass jars around the room.
Candles lit on the mantle piece.
Purple and pink balloons in the air.
A more grown up feel than other kid parties.
Today Nora celebrated her 10th birthday with her friends.

In so many ways, its surreal. 10 years of parenthood. Of motherhood. Wow.
Where has the time gone?

I was happy with  how Nora planned her birthday. No Justin Bieber. No commercialized this or that. She just wanted blue berry pie, which I agreed to make. And a few friends. And maybe one activity.

This afternoon I made blueberry pie, cupcakes and pizza dough for mini pizzas. At 4 PM 8 girlfriends came over and they played, dance, sang, raced outside. My girlfriend Marias came and made paper puppies with the girls while I preppped pizza's in the kitchen.

Doubledigits-tween years ahead of us. But I know that the foundation work has been done. THe foundation has been laid for the rest of the growth that will occur. I can breath a little sigh of relief that we're this far and doin' ok.


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