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Monday, August 24, 2015

Blueberry Pies

Before Nora's 10th birthday, she asked "Mom, can you make me a blueberry pie for my birthday?" Of course, I would love it. My crust making abilities have been slowly improving and the process seemed less daunting. 

On her birthday, we went down to the road to secret berry spot, where the berries were amazingly plentiful and huge. It was the best berry picking I've done in years. The spot is on a neighbors yard and we called her that morning and asked if we could pick there. She said yes.

As we were picking these huge berries, I suddenly remembered Nora's first blueberry pie. It was the day after Nora was born, I had just brought her home from the hospital. We were home only a matter of hours when our friend Hans showed up with a blue berry pie. It tasted so delicious and the "NS" he drew on it with whipped cream was so thoughtful. 

Now, 10 years later, I pick berries in the peaceful woods with Nora. 
Mostly silent, doing our own berry picking and then occasionally striking conversation with one another. But very much there-with eachother. 

Berry picking and blueberry pies-a fall kodiak tradition which continues to unite. 


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