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Monday, August 31, 2015

12th Aniversary Hike-Hunt

Yesterday Patrick and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with a hike-turned-deer-hunt up Mt. Monashka Mountain. 

Our friend Thomas is in town for several days.  I had a sitter lined up for 7 hours and the three of us adults wanted to get up into the high country. For Patrick, the prospect of a hike was much more appealing if there could be some hunting involved in the day! :)

At Patrick's encouragement, I went to the sports store to get my deer tags and hunting license--just in case we came upon a deer to hunt. Little did I know, I'd get to use it!

Thomas and Patrick spotted the deer…there were several that sparked out interest. But one which was closer-just a ways down the hillside from us. We stalked down to it, Patrick got the rifle set up for me. He asked if I would be able to shoot kneeling, as it wouldn't be possible to get a prone shot. I said, Yes-I thought i could do it. 

Patrick handed me the rifle and I had to scoot over to get the right angle on the deer who was moving through the bushes. Finally, the deer stopped and looked straight at me, or so I saw through the scope. Much of his body was behind him, as he was angled. I pulled the trigger and saw him fall down in the scope. 

I looked back at Patrick and Thomas to see if I saw what they saw. Was the deer truly down? 

They were enthusiastic and said I did it!

We hiked down a bit and found the deer in the tall grasses. Flooded with emotion, I was so grateful to this beautiful deer and this moment of my first hunt. 

Patrick and Thomas went into field dressing mode and one hour later the deer was packed up in their backpacks. 

I'll write a future kodiak daily mirror piece on the hunt as I reflect on it all some more.

I'm so grateful for a successful, smooth  first hunting experience!


On our way up, before deer fever struck. Happy 12th, honey! 

Thomas and I on the hike up

~R.I.P. Mr. Spikey~

headed home after the hunt

Beautiful forest at base of mountain

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Philip said...

Tell Trash Kan hi! Got to see his dad a while back, sure was good. peace
philip sims