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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Surf's Up

Surf's up at Mill bay Beach

On Sunday and Monday Kodiak experienced a pretty serious storm.  Pretty dismal Monday morning with high winds and pouring rain.  It was President's Day so no school for the kids or work for the parents, but no one wanted to go outside either.  It looked like a holiday spent cooped up inside.

But in the afternoon it cleared off and while returning from my daily ski I noticed that the surf was still pretty big at Mill Bay beach by our house and there were a few people surfing.  So I grabbed the kids and we went to the beach, cameras in hand, to catch the action.

Mill Bay is not known for its surf but it sure is convenient.  I'm sure that surfers with more time on their hands went elsewhere for the perfect wave, but the waves seemed big to me at Mill Bay Beach.  Pretty cool that people surf within 150 yards of our house!  Patrick

Stuey capturing the surfers in action

Nora camera in hand

Nora took this picture of a boogie boarder in action - I have not looked at Stuey's pictures yet

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