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Friday, February 06, 2015

Portland Recharge

Food cart Ethiopian food on a rainy day. Totally hit the spot…new flavors and spices. 

I just read Patrick's blog post about his reunion trip with his 5 college roommates.

In contrast I'm on a trip to Portland totally by myself. And so happy about it. Patrick's trip and my trip are total opposite from each other-his was to reconnect with friends. Mine is to have a few days away by myself to recharge.

Typically I always travel for either a class or to see family/friends. Last December there were some airfare wars for Anchorage-Portland flights and i thought I should jump on it for a little 3 day getaway. As the time neared, people asked "What are you doing in Portland? Visiting friends?"

"No" I replied…"not visiting anyone. Just want a trip with nothing planned and no commitments to people." People seem surprised. Several girlfriends are completely encouraging.

This trip has been just that. Perfect recharge time. I think with being a mom, a business owner and a physical therapist, time away from it all for a couple of days is golden. Good for my soul.

I love Portland. I heart Portland.
This city has it going on with great public transport, wonderful food, friendly, clean, safe.  I'm staying at the same hotel I stayed at in October (Hotel Lucia) and its just  3 blocks away from seemingly everything. I am completely happy. Having down time to read. Do a little writing. Spend hours in Powell's Bookstore.  Try new food trucks and restaurants.

Stuey calls me about 5 times a day…his soft little voice asking "Momma? Where are you? What are you doing today?" He tells me the details of his day, that he had  hasbrbrowns for breakfast. Whether or not he had a dream. What his dream was about. Who was in it.

Nora gets on the phone for a few minutes to say hi, but then Stuey steals it back from her. Bless her heart for not getting too upset at her brother who hogs the phone.

The only prescheduled thing I had on my agenda was 2 personal training sessions, which I'll write more about later…


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