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Friday, February 13, 2015

A little bit of sunshine

2 pictures that show the same thing - a spot of sunshine on a far hillside and a little hole of blue.  Another name for this phenomena is a 'sucker hole', as in, 'you are a fool if you actually think the weather is clearing up'.

Indeed the weather has taken a dismal turn.  We are back to warm temperatures and grey skies.  In the morning the kids and I watch the news and we see that the East Coast is getting all the snow.  What kills me it that the newscasters complain about it - no appreciation about how lucky the east coast is to have a winter.  I wish they could send it our way.

But at least we now have snow on the mountains - in the last 2 weeks Kodiak has received a LOT of snow up high.

One problem with the lack of sunshine is that Stuey and I have not been able to complete his Science Fair project for school - a sundial.  We got the sundial built, but have not been able to calibrate it in the sunshine. No sunshine, no shadows, no clock.



Leslie Leyland Fields said...

Patrick, Oh dear!! Yet another repercussion of no sunshine! I'm with you. Give me snow!! In any amount. Now, mid-morning, I see a little light emanating through the clouds. WHo knows? Maybe some sun will leak through accidentally. (And DON'T make the mistake of checking on the 10 day forecast. It's depressing. I'd rather not know.)

Your neighbor, Leslie

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Stuey's sundial did see some shadows today - so all is not lost. And I will take your advice and not look at the 10 day forecast. Patrick