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Monday, February 16, 2015

Relentless Surf

Ft. Abercrombie on a serene day this winter. 

When my soul feels unsettled, I enjoy watching the ocean  surf crash against the rocks of shore. Somehow it reminds me how seemingness small I am in the world, and what powerful forces of nature are at work all around.

 I've started a routine where on my Ft. Abercrombie walks, I stop and sit and watch the surf at the same lookout. The waves roll in and crash against the large rocks which comprise the shore.

Why or how have I walked through the park for so many years and not taken the time to sit and watch the ocean is my only question. Makes me realize how getting exercise, or fresh air, or conversation with a friend, or the dogs exercise are the reasons why I go though the park. Its  just as important is to sit and be. And enjoy the ocean.

It has been windy for the past day and the waves today were remnants from yesterdays storms. Even after the winds have died down locally, the large waves still roll in…off of the gulf of Alaska.

These rollers along with a high tide cause a large white froth on the rocks as they crash. And then it all churns under. Debris gets thrown around. And then it happens again. And again.


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