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Friday, February 13, 2015

Facebook Break

A few days ago I decided to forgo Facebook for a while.  It was taking up what  I like to call "Emotional Bandwidth" which I could be otherwise using for writing, reading, doing nothing, watching a new miniseries, etc. Even though I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook, 10 minutes here and there adds up fast.

There have been a lot of blog posts "in my head" that I've wanted to write for a while and now I can do that. My last post about physical therapy clients who don't get better was one of them.  I also am back into letter writing mode big time and returning to part of an old self of pen/paper which has always been a strong part of who I am. From having a penpal as a child, to writing my grandparents and aunts/uncles…I'm all over hand written words on paper.


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