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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hard Snow

Here on Kodiak the day before I went off to Idaho we got a few feet of new snow on the mountains.  Before I left, I managed to get in one heavenly, deep-powder run on Pyramid Mountain.  And then while I was away it rained and rained with some freezing rain thrown in.  I came back to a solid sheet of very hard and dense snow.

It's not all bad - at least all the rocks are covered and I can ski.  I went skate skiing in the mountains and yesterday I bounced around on Pyramid in downhill gear.  We still do not have quite enough snow to cover up all the brush and it is very bumpy.  Needless to say, but the skate skiing was very exciting!

If this was Anchorage I think our conditions would classify as 'no snow for skiing,' or maybe, 'very icy with lots of debris and rocks'.  But I'm not that picky.  And hey, there has been some sun, and at least its been cold. Some snow is better than no snow.  Patrick

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