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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fountain Day

Patrick found this picture deep in his shelf when looking for a book. I chuckled at the memory!

Ithaca College Fountain Day-Its after our last physical therapy final exam. My physical therapy class had just completed our pharmacology final and had wet suits ready to get into to jump into the school fountain. It was a cold, overcast May day and we were glad to have the wet suits! Several of our physical therapy professors watched on as splashed around like crazy people in the fountain. The beverages were on the strong side, as I ended up in the college infirmary for a few hours after.

I googled "Ithaca College Fountain Day" to see if it is still a senior tradition-and it is.  There are videos of seniors splashing around and cheering. Its a rite of passage…a time to celebrate the completion of an era of our lives.

The girl second from the left is my friend Amilia…she was my BFF in college. She was raised in Ashland,   Oregon and she and I were good friends-two of the 3 people from the West Coast. The others in the 90 person program were primarily from the East Coast.  Amilia and I were similar in our West Coast thoughts and likes. Amilia now lives in New Mexico and I hope to visit her someday there.

These moments seem like another life time ago. Even though I don't see my college friends as much as Patrick, I know that when we connect again it will be like no time has passed. I can imagine the laughter and stories now….I think I'm yearning for a college reunion!


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