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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Roommate Reunion

Over the weekend I flew south and spent some time skiing with my roommates from college.  It was sort of amazing how quickly we reverted to our old selves.  Or as one of the roommates termed the phenomena, 'muscle memory'.  Kind of amazing that such a large group of us got together over a 1/4 century after graduation, and it was even more amazing how little anyone had changed.  

Older, grayer for sure, and no one wanted to stay up until 4 AM in a bar, but all the jokes and personalities remained the same.  About the biggest change is that every once in a while someone would drop out to call work or home on their cell phone.  That NEVER happened back in the day.  Patrick

Road tripping from Boise to Sun Valley, Idaho

Buying frozen pizza for dinner - by the time we got to Sun Valley all restaurants were closed

Toasting old times

Breakfast in Sun Valley

Ah yes - the ubiquitous cell phone.  Eric and Lanny texting the wives

Lanny and Eric on snow

Tomas the knuckle dragger - 'What's the worst thing about snow boarding? Telling your son . .. ..'

Tom, Larry and Eric

Scott cooks up the steaks

Roommate reunion dinner

Fancy dinner in Ketchum

Today everyone but me seems to be wearing a helmet while skiing

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