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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Stuey's Eight

Stuey's 8!

Today for Stuey's  birthday breakfast, he requested home made chocolate waffles…so together we made them. 

And it snowed so much last night. After eating their waffles, Nora and Stuey played outside in the dark for nearly 30 minutes. This is the first heavy snowfall we've had all winter and boy were they excited. 

Later, Stuey had his  birthday party at the bowling alley.

Last night at Safeway I asked Stuey if he wanted Safeway cake or home made one.  He spotted the cake with  a deer and hunter on it on the cooler at Safeway. That was the one. 

Bowling! I loved how excited Stuey was to wear his birthday hat. 

Stuey started to pull the hunting figurines off the cake before the candles were lit. 

Several of the kids bowled multiple rounds and really got into it! Stuey's cheeks were red from the activity at the end of 2 hours. 

Thank you Sara L for the picture!

Thank you Sara L for the picture!


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