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Friday, July 11, 2014


There are several authors in my writing & reading world who have recently inspired me to be less *shy* about my writing and to get my pen moving on the paper.

One is our next door neighbor, Leslie Leyland Fields. She is  a well known author, long time Alaskan fisherwoman and has a blog. She did a recent post which I particularly enjoyed...
Leslie fields blog link here

The post I linked above was one she did earlier this summer about the challenges of writing. And a reminder that there are times of discouragement, self-doubt, criticism form others as we share our work with others.  In Leslies words, from her blog:

"In all the betrayal, admiration and lights, here is what you do:

You work at loving them all, and you keep on writing (or singing or sculpting or knitting or designing).

You will not be hushed, not by hurt or by hate; you keep on writing.

You will not keep trying to satisfy insatiable people; you keep on writing.  

You will not listen to critics in the shadows afraid of their own lives; you keep on writing.

 You will not let praise erode your stability; you keep on writing (and rewriting.)

Don't let anyone shoot down your moon. Tell the truth. Please God. Love your neighbor. Love your enemies. And for the sake of us all, 

keep writing." -Leslie Leyland Fields 

Another fellow blogger wrote on a similar vein in her blog:

Life Goes on I think Blog Link Here

The author, Paige, attends a talk by author Jennifer Weiner and during the talk Jennifer gives a piece of advice to the group which  particularly resonates with Paige. She says, "You sit in a chair and you write. You can't wait for inspiration."

I'm hearing a similar thread of writing wisdom from my writing teacher Marilyn Bousquin Webpage Every minute of writing counts. It doesn't have to be perfect, pretty, refined. It just has to be. And I have to let it become what it is. Moving the pen  stirs the subconscious and brings the words to the page.

The most important thing I'm learning from my writing class is to put my writing first. Because putting my writing first, is putting myself first. For so many years when I've wanted to write, I haven't. There is always a floor to be swept, clothes to be folded, kids to be tended to, e-mails to be written.  Those things will always be there and I'm beginning to see theres no time like the present to write and get the stories and thoughts down on paper.



Annie Thompson said...

Haven't read any of the blogs I follow for a very long time, and happened to get back into writing on mine when I came across this post. Timely as I take the time to put my fingers on the keys again to fulfill my desire to write. :) Thanks and much luck for your writing endeavors!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thanks, Annie! Good to hear from you. :) Zoya