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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Quick visit to the beach

Jake at the beach

This past weekend I was drinking my coffee in the kitchen when Stuey rushed in, grabbed the binoculars, and rushed back outside.  Then he rushed back in and reported (yelled actually) that 'Shane was at the beach', and asked if we could go down there too.  So off we all went with the dogs to the beach.

It's funny but the beach is right THERE, practically in our backyard, and yet we do not go there all that often.  Partly it is because you have to walk beside the highway to get there and I don't like to do this with the dogs.  But also I think it is the 'local effect'.  The same sort of thing happens with many local attractions - you only tend to visit them when someone is visiting.  They are so easy to do that we take them for granted.

Anyway, the kids have been exploring a new way down to the beach so perhaps in the future we will be going there a lot more often.  Patrick

Nora explores the upright rock


Tank Fetch!

The culvert under the highway was a bit hit

Panoramic view out Mill Bay

Jake seems about 10 years younger at the beach - who'd guess he's somewhere around 13 years old!

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