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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sundew, Rose and Raven

A carnivorous sundew plant

Here are a few of my 'artsy' photo attempts from our recent trip to Afognak.  The rose is a bit cliche but I like how I also captured a fly in the picture.  I had no idea it was there when I took the picture.

I do like my picture of the sundew.  I took another of the sundew with a dragonfly entrapped on its pads, but I like this one better.  The droplets on the pads are sticky and hold and digest insects so that the sundew plant can get some extra nutrients.

I think I could have done better with the ravens.  I used a bit too much zoom and it seems a tad grainy. But I really do like the silhouettes and mountains in the background.  It's funny but last week at the museum I was tasked with finding a good picture of a raven and could not find one.  Next time I will have one on hand!  Patrick

Rosa Ragusa


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