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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My niece, Cami, has been in Kodiak with us for a month helping with Nora and Stuey. She has a soul of gold and is loving, caring and so wonderful with the kids.  We have 1 week left with her before she flies home to Bozeman to start college this fall. 

Cami makes catchy home videos with the kids on her Ipad, has a light hearted spirit and fabulous sense of humor, makes games and paper creations with the kids, does dances and bakes with Nora. She creates fun with the kids and loves them. 

Yes, there have been hard moments where N and S test her patience. I remind her that if the kids are occasionally "mad" at her, then she is doing things right. :)

And next week we get to celebrate her 18th birthday before she departs! Fun family moments together this summer. 

My highlight of her Kodiak trip was our bear viewing trip that we did to Frazer Lake. Bear watching was so fun with her alongside. 


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