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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Community Archaeology Goals for 2014

Next week is the start of the Alutiiq Museum's Community Archaeology dig, and tonight (7PM at the Alutiiq Museum) I am giving an introductory talk about the dig to potential volunteers.  Here are a few slides from the talk that outline what we found last year and hope to learn this year. Hope to see you there!   Patrick

Last year we found a small, late-prehistoric multiroom house right at the top , but the site turned out to be very deep and has been a place Alutiiq people visited for well over 6000 years.

Community Archaeology has focused on the archaeology of one area of Kodiak, and over the last 17 years the Alutiiq Museum has had the opportunity to excavate a great many different types of sites.

The over-arching goal of the program is to understand the Alutiiq seasonal round in one bay and to examine how it changed through time.

For the last few years the program has focused on sites at the head of Womens Bay - we expected simple late summer fish camps and found that and so much more! 

Last year we did not get down to the bottom in our main block and ground penetrating radar (Thank you Ryan and Terrasond) clearly shows the late prehistoric house's sideroom.  The house is interesting because it represents a 'type' of house - the fish camp rather than winter house

The site is HUGE and we will be testing other areas of the site to see if different activities are taking place elsewhere on the site.  How does the site differ from other nearby sites?

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