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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lovin' on the beach

Our July trip to Afognak held the warmest weather we've ever had for a remote trip. The sun was blazing for 2 days and the dark sand on the north beach was too hot for the feet.  

On a warm beach day you'll often find me laying upon a piece of driftwood with my arms to my side soaking in every ray. Or tracing pictures and patterns into the sand. Or just watching the kids tidepool with the never ending curiosity about their findings and desires for a hermit crab pet. 

 Out on Afognak, I truly take advantage of the beaches. Laying my head against driftwood, tracing pictures into the sand with my finger and watching the kids so enthsiastically  explore the tidepools -it all recharges the soul. Here in town we live a stone throws away from a beach and I go there so infrequently. That behavior pattern needs to seriously change! 

Doing the dishes-a favorite camp chore of mine. I meander to the ocean front-balancing a tall stack of cups, bowls, plates and sporks precariously. Arriving at the shore, I use the pebble and sand along with seawater to scrape, rinse and swish out the food and oils. The water laps at the beach, seaweed swirls around. The ocean always feels surprisingly warm to me during this routine chore. The word chore conjures up an activity that is unpleasant, so I can hardly use that term to sum up my experience of washing the dishes in that gorgeous sea water! 

Innova inflatable kayaks on the beach at Old Afognak Village

hours of fun in the mud!

My neice, Cami, kayaking solo 

Nora adores every chance to roll up her pantlegs and wade, wade, wade. :)

Group kayak outing!


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