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Monday, July 07, 2014

Big Trees

Last night we got back from Afognak where we spent the 4rth of July weekend camping with friends.  On this trip I tried to capture the big trees in the mature Sitka Spruce rain forest.  I've been trying to do this for years, and never quite seem to achieve the effect I desire.  When you are out in the forest the trees seem HUGE, but in the photographs they always seem puny.  Worse yet, I can never seem to capture the grandeur and open-space of the sitka spruce forest.

So this past weekend I tried again - and, while I came close with the top photo, I still do not have the desired image.  In the top photo I tried putting Nora next to one of the big trees to give it a sense of scale.  I also put in the beach. Still, the trees do not look as big as they do in real life, and the image does not convey their impressive height.

The bottom photo is an attempt from last week at Fort Abercrombie State Park, and I include it here to provide a contrast with the old growth forest of Afognak Island.  Abercrombie just seems tame with less moss, smaller trees, and way less understory - devils club etc.  Also it has really well developed trails!

Anyway, I'll continue on my quest to capture the rain forest.  Eventually I might get it.


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