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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Audubon Hike up Monashka Mountain

Nearing the top with Monashka Bay in the background

Today I lead an Audubon hike (click here for more info on hikes) up Mount Monashka and 29 other people and 4 dogs showed up for the hike! That's the most I've ever had as a hike leader.  My previous high was 17 people for a hike up Sheratin.  At times I'd look back and see them all strung out behind and felt like the 'Pied Piper' playing my flute.  Either that or the lead bull in an elk herd.

Audubon hikes are always great because you never know who you'll meet or end up talking with.  There is always an incredible diversity of locals and out-of-town visitors on the hikes.  And everybody has a story to tell.  Today we also had some pretty good weather.  Nothing like a blue bird day on the top of Mount Monashka with the blue, blue sea all around and the green, green, green spruce forest down below.  Patrick

Cami on top

That's town in the background

The wind was pretty strong and could partially hold you up when you leaned against it

25 people on the top of Mount Monashka all at once - it's got to be a record


The North Sister said...

Dangit! I always miss the Monashka hike! Every summer!!!!!! Dang dang dang! Glad it was great

The North Sister said...

So bummed! I always miss that hike!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

It is a good hike and with the best views of any hike close to town. And there is always next year! Patrick