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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The North Sister

The immediately local ski season ended just over a week ago. There is still plenty of snow in the backcountry, but it'll take more than a quick, 'after work hike' to get to it.  This matters because generally with the end of ski season I get out of shape.  Summer before hunting season is the nadir of my yearly fitness routine. Maybe I'll mow the lawn, take the dogs for a walk, go kayaking, weed the garden, but nothing truly cardiovascular.

But this year I am trying to stay on top of things by going for quick climbs up nearby mountains.  Today I climbed the North Sister.  I went up at a very rapid pace without stopping.  My intent was to break 30 minutes from the car to the tippy top, and I did it in just under 29 - whooo hooo.  Then I went down very slowly to help the knees and enjoyed the view and wild flowers.  Today it took me 45 minutes to climb down.

In years past, by the time I get back to climbing mountains after ski season I am super slow.  I can remember being happy with breaking 40 minutes on the climb I just did today.  So hopefully this summer I will not lose too much in the way of conditioning.  That said, in years past I am also usually still skiing at this time.  Let's see where I am at in late July!


If you look closely you can see my car at the pull out on the left (the black dot).

Kamchatka Rhodies - I never realized they are so hairy

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