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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Some more pictures from Uyak Bay

View down the Shelikof Strait from Bear Island

Uyak Bay is a beautiful place and while I was there on survey I took a lot of pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.  A special thanks to the Fields and Dodges for their hospitality and for showing me around the bay.  Patrick

View up Uyak Bay from the top of Harvester Island

Red Chert cliffs on Harvester Island

Uyak Bay fox - we saw a lot of these guys catching small fish spawning on the beaches

At the mouth of a gold mine adit

The gold mine has a number of shafts and adits and even had an ore crushing machine

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Leslie Leyland Fields said...

Patrick! I'm having trouble posting a comment. I'm SO sorry to have missed you while you were here in the bay. I would LOVE to talk with you about your findings!! I got back to the island the day after you left (I was in Nome with Duncan.) Anyway----I hope my boys were hospitable. Maybe you can come back when we're there??? Will talk to you at least when we're back after the summer! Blessings! Leslie