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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garden REALLY growing

In the last 2 weeks the garden has really taken off.  Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how far along the garden was for the time of year (click here to see).  Looking back I am amazed at how quickly it continues to grow.  The top three pictures were taken exactly a week ago while the bottom 4 were taken today.  Look how quickly the peas are growing.  At this rate I might be eating carrots, peas and beats in July.  

Today I also checked in on the saplings I planted this spring (click here to see post).  For a long time nothing much happened and I was getting a little worried that I had planted them too early.  But lately they too have started to grow quickly.  The bottom photo is of the big leaf maple.  I think I know where it got its name.  Patrick

Peas, beats and carrots one week ago
Beats, lettuce and carrots one week ago

Potatoes a week ago

Potatoes today - with new lawn clipping mulch

Beat lettuce and carrots today

Peas, beats and carrots today

Parsley, kale and radishes today

Big leaf maple sapling

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