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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy, Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend.  The kids and I went set netting out at Pasagshak where Stuey and Nora ferried people across the river in our inflatable kayaks.  Then on Sunday we biked out to the Military History Museum at Fort Abercromie.  And finally, best of all, the salmon berries got ripe enough to pick in substantial numbers.

The set netting out at Pasagshak was a bust in terms of fish for the family.  We did not catch any salmon - only a couple of dolly varden trout, and a mess of dungeness crab got tangled in the net.  Worst of all it started to rain and we almost got Mike's truck totally stuck pulling the boat out of the water.  It could have been - Pasagshak salmon: 1 truck; Pasagshak Set netters: nothing.  It's a very good thing it ended in a draw.

But the trip to Pasagshak was worth it because the kids got to see the whole set netting process and do some kayaking.  I am amazed at how quickly Stuey and Nora have learned to kayak.

We biked from our house to the Military History Museum at Fort Abercrombie State Park - a bike trip with a destination.  The kids loved to type on the typewriters.  This made me feel old because I actually used a manual typewriter in college to type papers.  I'd forgotten all about how they 'bing' and then you use the scroll bar to move the paper to the next line.  I was also a little surprised that Stuey and Nora did not know how to use a rotary phone - whoa!  Wasn't it just the other day that we got push button phones?

Finally Nora and Stuey tried on various military uniforms and posed for photos in the army jeep.  Nora's namesake drove an ambulance in WWI, but I am pretty sure we got Nora's uniform wrong.  Patrick

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