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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Still Skiing!

Looking down from the top of the run

Yesterday while flying back from an archaeological survey in Uyak Bay Rolan, the pilot, made a slight diversion to check the snow on the back of Pyramid.  As he put it, 'I figured you'd be interested'.  He knows me well.  And as we flew past I saw that the North bowl of Pyramid still has snow, and, most importantly, that you can ski from top to bottom without crossing grass.  The middle still has not melted out.

And so today after work I went skiing.  I got to ski Pyramid in June afterall.  And I must say I am impressed with how the snow is holding out.  Back in early May it looked really bleak, and now it still looks bleak but it's a month later!  Patrick

Looking down from the bottom of the run

Still some snow connecting the top (upper right) with the bottom!

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