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Friday, June 27, 2014

A friend and co-worker

When I started my post as the base physical therapist, it was an added bonus that I already knew at least 1 person who walked my new unfamiliar hallways.  

My friend Brooks was sure to stop in and check to see how I was doing and educate me on how the inner workings of the coast guard.  Brooks is the dentist at the base clinic and we work in the same building, in different departments. He is also a friend to our family and someone who celebrates birthdays with us, hunts with Patrick and brings a fun spirit to our lives. 

Last winter, Brooks took the time to shuck crab with Stuey-shell and crab meat pieces, crab juices flying everywhere, but ear to ear smiles on Stuey's face.   On his travels to Japan this past winter, Brooks brought back Japanese "Peeps"  for the kids -the marshmallow chocolated covered dessert creations-each in their own Japanese Peeps designer boxes! 

Brooks reinforce the notion that things will be ok and that Nora and Stuey are ok kids. And remind me that they ARE kids. At times when I'm in the muck of parenting, theres nothing better than a friend giving some kind words of encouragement and anecdotes which leave me belly laughing. Anecdotes which include stories of his childhood with his brother, his parents and then other  stories of his travels around the world which always have fun endings. 

 In celebration of Brooks transferring to Juneau for his next assignment, the clinic shared an amazing potluck of mexican food and then the moistest carrot cake on earth. Happy Trails to a friend who really enjoys the trails (and waves) of Kodiak right along with us. Happy Trails to a friend who makes the most of where ever he lives.  I imagine he will embrace Juneau for all it has to offer, just as he has done in Kodiak. 

(That said, Brooks isn't leaving town for a month, so there will be more chances to toast to his new adventures! AND he'll be back to Kodiak  lots this fall and winter for more hunting adventures. )


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