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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Afognak hot tub

Today we head out to Afognak for our first trip family trip of the season. The weather is clearing, clouds are parting and the weather forecast is now due to be good for the week. 

Since last year, I've been dreaming of the prospect of having a hot tub on the beach at Afognak. An Alaskan style hot tub is one where you light a camp fire underneath and are able to soak under the stars, alongside the ocean. 

The  first challenge was finding a tub.

I put a request out on Facebook..."Anyone have a clawfoot or cast iron tub to get rid of?" No bites.
Then I looked on-line and got dismayed by shipping prices/hassles, etc...
Months past and out of the blue,  our friend John S. said he found us a tub-abandoned in the woods near a friends house. He asked the landlord if we could have it and they said, "Yes!".

Last night after dinner, John, his brother Robert, Bob and myself went to retrieve the tub. It is a heavy beast. It is being loaded into John's skiff today and it will be brought to the beach....somehow. The part that seems the most challenging to me in getting it out of a deep skiff and onto the beach. John re-assured me that they could tip it out of the boat into the ocean and pull it ashore. Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I"m most appreciative of all these tub efforts!

Now to finish up packing and prep to leave in 5 hours! Packing lots of drawing supplies and books. I'm excited for our little Afognak getaway. 


Enjoying first garden-grown greens of the year while planning Afognak Trip 

The abandoned tub~ready for a new beachside home!

And its a BEAST. Cast iron, super heavy. 

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