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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Skiing at the Golf Course

We got a snowstorm on my birthday and since then the weather has stayed mostly cold and sunny.  It's been dropping down below freezing at night and then getting up to near 40 during the day.  If this was New England it would be perfect maple-syrup-making weather. Here on Kodiak it is perfect for cross-country-skiing-in-the-afternoon-with-kids weather.

And, since it is also Spring Break, the weather is very much appreciated.  Over Christmas Break the weather was mostly grey and rainy and the kids did not want to play outside.  It felt like we were all cooped up in a cell at Rikers Island or something.  For this school break they have been self-entertaining outside and, wonder of all wonders, even playing together outside.  We have made trips to the golf course, and there have been after dinner walks down the road in the evening sunshine.


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