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Monday, March 17, 2014

Evening walk with Stuey

Stuey's pic of the light through the trees. 

"Mom, don't Power Walk!" Stuey exclaimed at we headed down cliffside road towards Ft. Abercrombie this evening.

"Stuey, did you just say, Don't Power Walk?" I questioned. A smile formed on my face and I chuckled to myself. Images of women walking very briskly holding onto hand weights came to mind. And then there is me...just walking my normal pace. 

"Yes..when you walk too fast!" he replied. 

 Stuey is so insistent on me not walking beyond him. At times it really starts to cramp our walking or skiing moments. 

As we entered into the park, Stuey continued to  insist I stay behind him and not walk an inch ahead. 

"Stuey, I'm going to head back home now because this isn't fun for me to not be able to walk a normal pace." I asserted. 

"Ok, then I'm going to stay right here," he protested.

I turned and started walking towards home farther and farther.  A minute later I turn back and Stuey is sprinting towards me and he says "ok, mom...I want to walk."...out of breath. 

I was glad that he came around with my walking pace and we headed into the forest once again. Stuey likes to do short sprints and he talked about who is the fastest sprinters in his class. He asked me how you get stronger. I explained how running builds muscle and you have to keep running to keep that muscle. 

At one point he charged ahead in a swampy area, deep in the forest. 

"Mom!!!" he exclaimed from afar. 

"Yes?" I questioned.

"Look! The sun!" he shouted.

The evening light was so stunning on the trees. As I approached Stuey I saw him taking a picture of it. He loves his photo safaris.

During the walk, I promised myself that I need to do this more often...take off with Stuey on hikes. Oftentimes he says "no" to going when I ask him. He is such a fun walking partner and its the most precious time ever with him. I get to hear all about the thoughts in his mind and his questions about the world. 


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