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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh No

This afternoon I noticed that the crocuses are blooming in our yard.  I can't complain because for a while there it looked like they were going to bloom in early February.  And I also know that just because they are blooming does not mean we will not see any more snow in our yard.  Every year it seems I take a picture of crocuses blooming in the snow.  But I will admit that crocuses are a harbinger of spring.  Soon enough the whole yard will be green and I'll be mowing the lawn once a week.

Nonetheless, April is the best month of all for skiing on Kodiak.  This is when we generally get most of our snow up high.  It is also when the crust sets up and the days get long.  So the best of winter is yet to come.

Today I went for a skate ski up in the mountains.  I will be doing this more and more often in April.  Patrick

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