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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Kodiak style

Staycation at Pasagshak cabin

Spring break arrived in Kodiak with a bang...a big snowstorm! Finally, some snow to have fun in. 

Nora and her girlfriend made a cute snowman outside. And they did lots of sledding on their luge tracks down the hills on our yard. I love snow because the kids scramble outside for hours...and I can hear the squeals of delight from inside the house. They come in wanting hot cocoa, with bright red cheeks and smiles. 

On Saturday night, my girlfriend Elise and I ventured out to Pasagshak beach to stay at a friends cabin. It was a 15X15 slice of heaven. Cozy as all get out.  

The cabin had a toyo stove heater which quickly heated up the tiny quarters. Elise prepared a wonderful meal of spanish rice and tortillas on her camp stove and we enjoyed the meal after a walk down the beach. It was a perfect staycation. The next morning we awoke to a significant blizzard. Fortunately, Elise drives a subaru AND had 2 chains that we put on the front tires. Then we headed off, back towards home. 

putting the chains on

 Cabin on the beach. 15X15 slice of heaven.

And we awoke to a blizzard! 

Mision accomplished: Chains on!

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