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Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Last weekend we made our annual trip to Anchorage for the Tour of Anchorage ski race. I really, really enjoyed not doing the ski race and just chillin' with friends and family. I felt so relaxed. So relaxed. 

This year, I realized how much of an annual tradition the Tour has become for our family. For several months, I was planning on not going along with Patrick….especially since I wasn't doing the race. And then I started thinking about all the wonderful memories from years past and how much fun the kids have seeing friends and family. And I decided I didn't want to miss it. And I'm so glad we all went over to cheer Patrick on in his race!

A few old  and new traditions….

Post race hot tub at Julie and Rays…cold air, warm water and wonderful company of friends. 

Dinner at Marx brothers on Friday night! good times planning future adventures (Afognak! and Montana!) over dinner in the warm, cozy Marx Brothers restaurant. 

Cheering on  Iditarod teams. We watched 2 teams pass by in the woods near  the Alaska Native Medical Center. Nora and I "high-fived" one of the mushers! :) The dogs are SO happy!

The kids all have such a fun time playing together. happy kids=happy parents!

Skiing in the backyard…the kids had little races making loops around the course! 

Tradition of enjoying pizza together in the evening after the race. Julie makes amazing pizzas from Mooses' Tooth crust. With Brian D., Ray and Julie.  

Fur Rendezvous Carnival. A fun bonus for Nora and Stuey this year! Fun times in the sunny, 35 degree weather!


PS I called the post Anchorwage b/c Stuey for a while called Anchorage, "Anchorwage" because his "r" difficulties! 

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