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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Funny Pictures

Stuey and mommy do a 'watercolor' 'selfie'
Stuey and Nora love to take pictures on our point-shoot cameras' special settings.  Their favorite of late has been the 'reflection' setting.  This creates mirror images that can create some funny and bizarre pictures.  Some of their pictures are quite well composed and could even be considered art.  I really like Stuey's reflection picture of the sky with just the chimney of the house next door sticking up out of what looks like water.  When they are playing on the cameras you will hear giggles and then an explosion of laughter as someone catches a really funny one.  Patrick

Stuey creates reflection image of his face - which side is real? Hint: check the writing 

Double brownie by Nora

Sky reflection by Stuey

Tank the dog

Julie in 'fish eye' mode doing the 'scream'

Ray as an obese cyclops

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