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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ocean Bay as an Archaic Tradition

Tomorrow I am off to Fairbanks to attend the annual meeting of the Alaska Anthropological Association.  This is my yearly chance to hobnob with other Alaskan archaeo-nerds.  It actually is very much like a high school or college reunion in that we all have something in common - but rather than a particular school we all care about Alaskan Anthropology.  Maybe a better analogy would be a 'Dungeons and Dragons' convention?  But it is funny - I do care about what the other attendees think about my research.  Being able to present cool research is sort of like arriving at the High School reunion with a good looking wife, successful kids, and a respectable job.

I have gone to the conference practically every year since 1996 and I see the same people year after year.  I generally ONLY see these people at this particular conference.  These are my colleagues in Alaskan Archaeology.  It is a strong connection.

This year I am presenting on 2 of the sites we excavated last summer as part of a mitigation project.  The village of Old Harbor is extending its airport runway and the Alutiiq Museum was called in to excavate the archaeological sites slated to be damaged by the project. (click here, here and here for older blog posts on last summer's Old Harbor excavations).  I am only presenting on the older sites that we excavated.

Anyway, here are a few of the powerpoint slides for my upcoming talk at the conference.  I am scheduled to talk Friday morning.  The conference is at the Wedgewood Hotel in Fairbanks, AK - (click here for a  hotlink for particulars).  So if you are in the area, and are interested in the topic - then drop on by.  Patrick

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