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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Patrick vs. The Apollo

As we walked by the somewhat ominous ride at the Fur Rondy Carnival in Anchorage, Nora asked, "Can I go on that one? Can daddy go with me?" 

Initially Patrick replied, "no, I can't do that" and then several minutes later, he was agreeing to go on it with Nora. Next thing I knew, Nora and Patrick were buckled in, caged up and moving into the air around and around-upside down. 

The few moments I saw Patrick, he had his hands in a prayer position and his eyes were closed.
(He told me later that he was praying he would not get sick and that it would stop soon). 

Nora and Patrick got off quite queasy and neither of them felt 100% for a while afterwards. Nora's exact quote later that evening when talking about the Apollo ride, "That ride should be executed". 

Bless Nora's little adventurer spirit to give it a try! And Bless Patrick's heart for giving it a go right along with Nora. 


The Apollo. Patrick and Nora upside down, at the top of the ride.  Wow. 

Lars and Stuey with the Gravitron behind them. Stuey did it 2x in a row. 

Group family picture at the Arctic Roadrunner. Favorite weekend lunch spot. 

At the carnival 

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