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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Summer Fun - The ones that got away

S'mores barbecue in June when I came back from Old Harbor for the day

While it has not yet snowed in Kodiak it is clearly no longer summer.  Fall is about to end (I hope) and I was looking back through the summer photos and found some that we never put on the blog.  The blog acts as our family photo album, and we do print it out every 1/2 year.  So I wanted to make sure these photos made it into the album.

The photos make me realize how far away summer has already faded into the past.  It seems like ages and ages ago that we were having barbecues on the deck in the late evening sunshine.  I had totally forgotten about the walk we took while waiting to go to Chirikof.  The fog needed to lift at the south end of Kodiak before the plane could take off (the fog never seemed to lift on Chirikof - the 'Foggy Isle).  And remember the fireweed?  I don't think I've ever seen it bloom so early, so intensely, and last so long.  July was very hot and dry, but in August everything returned to normal.

Now we are waiting on winter.


Family photo while waiting for the plane to take me to Chirikof Island

Another picture from the walk we took during the Chirikof flight delay

Hard to believe but it was a hot and dry July and we needed to water the lawn

The fireweed flowered early this year

Audubon hike that I lead up Sheratin Mountain in July

Nora with doll and matching nightgown from Grandmother

A visit from aunt Anne

Nora and Stuey say goodbye to Rachel and Matt

Matt reads a book to Stuey

Riding horses at the Baptist Mission camp - every week they had a different themed activity

Stuey's turn - a real cowboy named Johnny Walker taught the kids to ride

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