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Monday, November 18, 2013

Fire, S'mores & Tents; Brownie Adventures

Last Saturday afternoon Brownie Troop #118, a few parents and myself enjoyed a lovely walk to Spruce Cape point together. The wind was blustery and cold, but then we rounded the corner and the beach was in the lee of the wind, where it felt much warmer! The girls arranged and created a fire pit  and co-leader Kathy reviewed fire safety principles with the girls.  I've been around plenty of camp fires in my time, but this was my first time to learn the official girl scout fire rules (for instance, bucket of water nearby, hair pulled back into bandanas, walking all the way around the outside of fire pit, etc..) 

 All the girls had a chance to practice striking a match and later on we enjoyed smores together! 

While the fire was going, the girls  practiced setting up tents in preparation for camping adventures. We'll be doing more of that in the months to come ; I'm hoping for a winter camping adventure. Thus far, I'm getting support and help from the other parents on the the prospect of an upcoming camping trip, so thats fun! I think it will be a super memorable outing for all of us!

 I can see the girls becoming quickly proficient and independent with practice of the same tents from session to session! 

cider break

fire safety-learning the rules before lighting the fire

Nora, Estella and Natalie

Group shot!

Learning how to strike a match

smore time!

roasting marshmallows

enjoying the tent for a few minutes after set up

simple camp delights!

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