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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Local Protein Feed

Yesterday after work Philip, Brooks and I cut up the deer from last weekend.  After we finished cutting up the deer we had a feast.  Philip brought some tanner crabs that he had caught the day before and I cooked up Yorkshire pudding, and 2 of the back leg flat roasts from the deer we had just wrapped up.  The crab was very fresh and the deer meat had never been frozen.  Philip brought a lot of crab and 2 roasts is a lot of meat, but it all got eaten.

The crab was truly amazing.  Zoya claims it is the best crab she has ever eaten which is saying a lot considering her dad was a commercial crab fisherman.  Usually crab is very salty and 'briny' and it is hard to taste the true crab flavor.  Philip's crab was very fresh and not salty at all.  The kids gobbled it up, and they don't usually like the crab.  Brooks even taught Stuey how to open up crab legs.

A great impromptu feast!


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