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Saturday, November 02, 2013

'Early Release' and beach glass

On the first friday of every month the kids get out of school at noon.  It's called 'early release' which always make me think they are getting out of jail on parole or something.  The early release always comes as a surprise too.  This time Zoya is off to training in San Diego and we only remembered about the early release the night before.  It's lucky I have a flexible schedule!

Anyway, I think early release is a good thing because it gets everyone outside.  Yesterday was a spectacular day and I took the kids and their friend Estella to the beach glass beach.  They collected beach glass and inevitably got their feet wet in the surf.  At one point I sat in the sun on a flat rock with my back against the cliff and thought I was in heaven.  Up against the warm rocks it was so warm it felt like summer and there was not a breath of wind.

Now today is a different story. ..   Patrick

1 comment:

jelly andrews said...

The kids do have find great beach glasses. Those are really beautiful. But do the kids considered the idea of turning those beach glasses into beautiful pieces of jewelries?