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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kids like it FAST

Yesterday I took the kids cross country skiing at the golf course.  I had gone skate skiing earlier and knew that it was pretty fast.  Put another way, I knew it was icy.  I did not think the kids would be able to ski on the ice and was trying to lower their hopes by suggesting that perhaps we would just go sledding.  I was explaining this to them in the car on the way to the golf course when Nora said, 'Daddy you tell us it will be bad so that it will be good.  If you tell us it will be good it will be bad'.  Nora is one perceptive girl.

We get to the golf course and they did not want to go sledding.  They just wanted to ski.  And it was pretty icy too.  I know a lot of adults who would have found the conditions 'challenging'.  They had a blast, and unlike in years past I did not have to help them get up.  It's like the last 6 years of hell - spending 1/2 hour getting the kids ready to ski and then spending 10 minutes picking them up - has finally paid off.  They like to ski.  And they really have no fear when it comes to going downhill.

On the way home Nora said, 'Daddy I had a really good time', and Stuey piped up, 'Me too!'  That made my winter.      Patrick

I made a quick minute and a half video of our adventure (see bottom of photos).  To see the video at high resolution on YouTube go to this web address

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