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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Today we got some very bad news about our one of our dogs, Roxy. She has cancer all throughout her body. Roxy was limping quite badly this fall, and hasn't been as spunky as she used to be. Today we dropped her off at the vet all day where the vet x-rayed her leg and did an assessment.

When I walked in the door this evening from teaching weight lifting, I heard Nora crying in the kitchen and as I got closer I  realized that Patrick, Nora and Stuey were all crying.

"Roxy is going to die before Christmas" Stuey told me, tears streaming down his face. The kids were a teary mess, sobbing hard. Roxy has taken a downhill turn this fall and Patrick has been worried about something like cancer. I, admittedly, have told him this couldn't be so. I was in denial.

Roxy was our first baby...I picked her out of the litter, and did all of her puppy training. We got her shortly before our wedding-she is over 10 years old. She is such a sweet dog and has been so good with the kids.

The hard part about the next weeks will be seeing the heart ache for Nora and Stuey. They asked so many questions about death tonight and are really trying to process it all. This is their first loss.

Patrick and I are taking it hard. The vet says that the cancer is in her lungs and we are probably looking at a few weeks left with her. The kids are good at reminding us to pet her each time we walk by her. I can tell she doesn't feel good.  

We are going to enjoy each day with her. We've been so blessed by her in our life. 


Roxy (dog on left) on a hike up Old Womens Mountain with Stuey this past September

An outing with Roxy at white sands beach in Mid September

Roxy as a puppy interacting with real live king crabs on the lawn

Our first baby


Leslie Leyland Fields said...

Zoya, Patrick, Stuey and Nora, I'm SO sorry to hear this sad news. How is it that we love our dogs so?? But we do. They're such a huge part of our families. Sending warm thoughts and prayers over to you, neighbor.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, Leslie. You said it are such a HUGE part of our families-their wagging tails and enthusiastic energy. Zoya

My Little Family: said...

So sorry to hear about Roxy. I know how difficult this is. There's just something about a dog..................