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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weather Change

It has been a dry cold April, but I fear the weather regime might change tomorrow.  It is supposed to rain/snow tonight, and rain tomorrow with off and on rain for the next few days after that.  But you never know what the weather is going to do until it does it.  Hopefully it stays cold and sunny.  It has been lovely to watch the snow slowly sublimate away - temperatures below freezing at night and in the 40s during the day.  Spring without the 'mud season' - so far.  There is so much daylight now that even with freezing temperatures at night it is always quite warm by evening and the kids have been playing outside while I work on prepping the garden beds and killing dandelions.  Patrick

It's been perfect conditions for crust cruising after work too

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Jessy said...

I feel like it's the winter that never ends here. One day beautiful and 40, the next day three inches of snow. We had snow this morning. I have to say, I am over, over, over it.